Editorial: Why Am I An Anglican?

If you read the Call on Anglican Identity from the Lambeth Conference 2022, you might be a bit confused about what Anglicanism is. The Quadrilateral, the creeds, the sacraments, communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury. These are all good things, but when you ask young Anglicans why they are Anglican, these are not the things they often say.

Our sincere thanks to the young people who have contributed writing on the theme “Why am I an Anglican?” Like our Anglican Communion, the themes they identify are ‘rooted in local communities and [have] global reach’. They speak to all of us, but they are very personal. Like our communion, their stories, their reasons, are all different, but all point to a desire to be faithful to and witness to Christ.

For Reitumetse Hlongwane (Lesotho) Anglican liturgy has power to support our faith seeking understanding. Andrew Soshi Kawashima (Japan) explores the importance of ‘communion continuing interpretation’ for us as individuals in life and as a wider communion of churches, as we avoid a ‘dry definition’ of our faith. Hanna Lucas (England) uses the theology of John Chrysostom to reflect on remembering: how we remember Christ in the Eucharist, and how we have a ‘mission of conspiring with the Holy Spirit to reignite the world’s longing for Christ.’ For Wallace de Gois Silva (Brazil), the ecumenical potential of Anglicanism was inviting as they explored what a ministry of sharing God’s love might mean. And for Dave D. Thomas (the Bahamas), the history of Anglicanism, a diverse and complex history, made possible creative discussion and  mission to different people in different places.

These essays, short and long, are very different. The writers have all had very different journeys in faith, and their ministries are diverse. But they are all young Anglicans. And we see in their ministries hope for the future of our communion, and possibilities for the future of Anglican Theology.

We hope you enjoy what these young Anglican theologians have given. Subscribe to receive updates as the essays are published. Tell young Anglicans you know about the project. Write, record or produce something yourself. If you want to propose a response essay to one of these contributions, or offer an artistic or video piece, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Fr Thomas Sharp, Young Anglican Theology Project Co-Coordinator

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