Conflict and Forgiveness Interview: “The Stuggle of Love” in Sri Lanka

In this next contribution to our Conflict and Forgiveness cycle, Fr Thomas Sharp interviews Miranga Peiris. Miranga finished his theological training at the Theological College of Lanka, Kandy, in June last year. He is now based in Colombo, undergoing training for ordination at the Cathedral Institute. He is currently working with St Michael and All Angels in Colombo, but will be moving on to a new church soon…

  • What has happened in Sri Lanka recently?
  • How did it feel, as a young Anglican preparing for ordination, to be in that situation?
  • Maundy Thursday in Colombo.
  • Mission and Unity.

One response to “Conflict and Forgiveness Interview: “The Stuggle of Love” in Sri Lanka”

  1. […] when they come to worship. In an interview conducted by our Project Coordinator, Fr. Thomas Sharp, Miranga Peiris from Sri Lanka talks about the “Struggle of Love” in Sri Lanka. He remembers vividly how this struggle resulted in a change of government when he was a seminarian […]


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